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Business Design Support

  • Do you have a simple or tricky question about the design for your business? e.g I need a new business name, yet don't know what to choose?
  • Do you want sustainable marketing materials that will attract your ideal client/customer.
  • Is your branding not conveying how great your business is?
  • Are your graphics not consistent in look and feel across your marketing materials and social media platforms?
  • Is your website not as professional as you'd like it to be, yet you don’t know how to make it better?

We have over 20 years of design experience to provides advice about how best to work through these issues and more in a cost effective manner for your budget. If there is something else you need advice on, give her a call on
0425 701 665 or email through your question/s.
Examples of design support below.
  • Business Review

    Business support for new + established businesses
    Valid for one week
    • Free 1hr business review of all of your design materials
    • Review of your brand, website, socials + printed materials
  • Design Support

    Bronze level of support to keep your business humming!
    Valid for one month
    • 1hr Review of our business design materials
    • 4hrs p/mth to design socials, website, or printed materials
    • Lisa has over 20 years experience working as a designer
    • Discounted normal hourly rate
  • Best Value

    Ongoing Support

    Every week
    Wanting weekly design support for your business?
    • 1hr Review of your business design materials
    • 4 hrs a week support to do socials, update website, flyers..
    • In house Australian designer working remotely for you!
    • Create or update your website
    • Create or update your brand
    • Create or update your videos
    • Create or update your print materials
    • Extensive sustainable design + printing experience
    • Lisa has over 20 years experience working as a designer
    • Discounted normal hourly rate

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