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Holroyd City Council

Communication Design

Holroyd Council provides library, waste, childcare, development, business, environment, events and many other services to the Merrylands area, NSW.


The Brief:
To create a 16 page Waste reduction and recycling guide (staggered pages with 2 magnets on the back for fridge display) and other supporting advertising material with personality!


What We Did:
We used illustrations of a very jolly fellow to help assist educate the community about house hold waste reduction and the services the Holroyd Council provides. We also created the front and back cover background with a photo of a piece of crumpled paper that provided great texture to back up the illustrations. 


The Result:
Great feedback from client. Especially since they've reprinted this job a few times now with us, and Visy Board also saw this brochure we produced and printed a version for themselves as well.

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