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Hunter Maker Website


Hunter Maker is a collaborative venture for makers and designers from around the world to display and sell their authentic wares in a curated bricks and mortar store as well as online.


The Brief:
To create a website that reflects the intimate connection between handmade products and their origins. Environmentally inspired designs that are beautiful and ethical for home, body and soul.


What We Did:
We used subtle imagery to support the strong band name. In doing so we chose shapes from nature that reflect their origins. Animal shapes were refined and simplified to develop the concept, linking handmade products and the original sources they came from.


Black and white imagery for the backgrounds along with textured hand torn paper to provide strong links to the nature inspired designs on sale.


The Result:
The website design provides the perfect space for makers to work together to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty and a positive environment to surprise visitors near and far.

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