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Little Permies Cards, Box & Puzzle Booklet + Poster

Learning Permaculture through games and activities. Little Permies education originated in 2014 with a commitment to develop open ended learning tools for young people with an emphasis on sustainability and the connections found in the environment. Little Permies is a local Melbourne business that values community and ethical decision making polices.


The Brief:
To create a pack of 37 playing cards and 5 menu cards to assist with game playing and 6 original games. The games and activities encourage cross generational learning in an open ended fun way. The colourful pictures and easy to understand concepts promote an interactive and fun learning experience. Some of the games also look at competition. Both competition and cooperation may be found in nature. The cards inspire storytelling, enrich language development and stimulate creativity and imagination.

The cards are designed for young people aged between 5-12 years old. For children under the age of 5 the cards can be played as a family game.


What We Did:
We edited scans of the hand painted cards, created design & layout for all 43 cards + box and Puzzle booklet + Poster.


The Result:

"We both really love the work you've done and are very excited to go to print this week.Thanks again lisa."


Steph & Karen

Little Permies, 27/7/2015

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