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The Nutrition Guru Brand

The Nutrition Guru is a brand we developed for Lindy Cook, a Naturopath & Nutritionist who runs Workplace Heath & Well being Programs and Recipe Development. She offers a holistic, evidence based approach to health care, emphasizing prevention, education and the use of natural medicine to support the body’s ability to restore health. Her core belief is 'Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food' and helping you plan and create a balanced, healthy eating plan is a key component of any appointment with me.


The Brief:
The Nutrition Guru needed a branding that would appeal to those interested in Work Place Health, Well being programs & Recipe development. The logo needed to reflect the businesses values of 'Let Food Be Your Medicience and Medicine Be Your Food'.


What We Did:
Subgreen produced several hand drawn illustrations to reflect The Nuturition Guru values. The concepts were then recreated in digital format artwork suitable to be used in print (business cards) and web applications.


The Result:
The Nutrition Guru branding uses a hand drawn illustration for the pomegranates to help convey the link between natural medicine being used to support the body’s ability to restore health.


Visit her website here:

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