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Outlook Matters Brand


Outlook Matters is a psychology practice in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Their focus is to find creative solutions as diverse and unique as their clients are.


The Brief:
Rachael Kovacevic had been working as a sole trader under her name and wanted to establish a brand that showed they covered a whole range of services such as, academic/educational assessment, career assessment, mental health and wellbeing, pain and injury rehabilitation, and assessment of autism and developmental delay.


What We Did:
We brainstormed and assisted in deciding on a new name and from which Outlook Matters was born. We then created her 'OM' brand which also included stationery and website design.


The Result:
By using 'OM' as the visual essence of Outlook Matters, we feel it represents the creative outlook which Rachael believes is essential for her and her clients to achieve their goals and dreams.

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